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School Cleaning Services Phoenix Metro

Cleaning With Confidence specializes in better commercial school cleaning services Phoenix, for discerning schools; whether k-12, middle schools, elementary schools, high schools, universities, technical campuses, charter schools, public schools, private schools, preschools, daycares, district offices or more; or, those with higher needs and expectations. It is the reason we have been one of the top 10 janitorial companies in RankingAZ.  We are not the least expensive.  But, we are competitive and offer the highest value available for your maintenance budget.

Did you know that the janitorial industry is rife with high turnover rates of both employees and clients.  This is because many janitorial companies will underbid, then must cut corners. They do this by using inferior products, insufficiently allocating necessary time to get the job done right, or even worse, pay workers under the table, or use those not legally eligible to work in the USA. This has an extra consequence of not covering the employees through Workers compensation, which can leave you open to extreme liabilities.  Many of those same companies also won’t properly vet their technicians.  Because of this janitorial theft of client’s sensitive information is a growing trend and problem. And, when your cleaning expectations are not met, you must start the process of finding a new commercial cleaning company Phoenix all over again.  Cleaning With Confidence properly vets our cleaners, and we are bonded and insured.

In addition, companies now spend a fortune taking state of the art security measures to protect their sensitive information… securing their website, carefully screening their own employees, installing costly alarms and cameras in their place of business to monitor intrusions, and more. Yet, they will welcome any janitor in and allow them free reign.  Janitors have more free access to everything in your office than anyone else, and they have it when less eyes are watching, often when your business is closed.  They have access to every room, every desk, every unlocked drawer… well, you get the picture.  We do things differently and take steps to minimize these risks, giving you much greater peace of mind.

Care With Confidence Cleaning Services uses the same vetted, highly paid and trained technicians as we do in our residential cleaning division.  And, we have the most rigorous standards, with checklists and verification processes in every area to meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations.  Finally, we top it off with our satisfaction guarantee.  If something ever isn’t right, just let us know and we will make it right.

When you choose Cleaning With Confidence Commercial School Cleaning Services Phoenix, you can virtually “set it and forget it" when it comes to managing your commercial cleaning services provider, with peace of mind that your facility will be maintained at its best, and your company is safe and secure.

We clean all types of commercial properties, including small office cleaning, medical office cleaning, large office cleaning / warehouse cleaning, school cleaning, restaurant cleaning, and everything in between. We can even carve out specialty areas, like bathrooms-only. And, we offer cleaning supplies management, day porters and more, for a complete commercial cleaning Phoenix solution.

If you are searching for a janitorial solution in the Phoenix area (including Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Arcadia, Paradise Valley, Troon, Desert Ridge, Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City and surrounding areas) and have a need for commercial cleaning Phoenix, janitorial service, day porters and more, please give us a call.  We will come out and meet with you and give you a customized no-obligation quote.

For more information on best practices for choosing a commercial cleaning service company, here is a great article from Wikihow…. (click on the Wikihow word before this comment). For more specific information about your industry, choose one of our specialties from the menu.  And, be sure to check out our FAQ page to get answers to our most frequently asked questions.